Design goals

Zeit is a first time travel tourism based in Germany. They require an e-commerce responsive website where they can sell their different travel packages.

The main goal is to understand user needs and design a responsive web experience.

Design Process

  1. Research
  2. Synthesis
  3. Ideation
  4. Interaction design
  5. Iteration and Implementation


Research goals

Goal #1 To understand what users like about travelling and how do they plan their booking?

Goal #2 How often do they travel? What was their recent best and worst travel experience?

Goal #3 Understand pros and cons of competitor websites


Target groups for Interviews

Main target group were aged 25-40 years.


Competitor Websites

Expedia, Priceline, Trip advisor, Disneyland and Legoland


Research Synthesis

Research Insights from Competitor websites



Personas to understand goals and frustrations

Story Board to visualise how Zeit is going to help users


There were different wants and needs for different users

  1. Users had problems looking for critical information like weather, crowd,
  2. People travelling in a group with friends had problems of planning and splitting the expenses
  3. The old did not know how to use the website to book and plan a travel
  4. The parents with small kids did not know if the places were child friendly.
  5. They wanted a place where they can get end to end user needs
  6. The traveller wanted to be able to explore his own places and did not wanted a package deal.


Interaction design

Task flows and Site Maps helped to understand the flow.


A minimal yet classy Branding and Identity was designed. 


Homepage- Responsive Wireframing to UI


Homepage- Search, filters and explore destination based on user experiences and deals. 

Search and filters- Plan your travel by Timeline, Experiences and Location. 


Third Party Sign Up/Login- Instant Cart leading to third party sign up/login options.



Share and Plan with friends- Share and plan your travel with friends or group of friends. This could also be shared to third parties like whatsapp and facebook or links could be copied for sharing. 

Implementation and Iteration

Press Information and adding packages in the homepage were something which was added after user testing. This helped me get an effective prototype.

Checkout this link for an invision prototype or Play the video to get a time travel experience.




The next steps would include focussing on providing an end to end user experience. For eg; Booking cabs, flights to the Time travel station at Germany while booking time travel tickets.