Problem Statement

Online Apparel shopping has given us plenty of options to choose from and also saved us a lot of time. But still people have found it to have many disadvantages. With Amazon and IKEA introducing Augmented Reality features for easy shopping of Electronics and furnitures, Clothing is a sector which remains comparatively unexplored.


Design goals

‘U’ requires to understand the user problems for online apparel shopping using Augmented Reality and design a user friendly shopping app for women. It also requires a modern branding and identity.


Design Process

  1. Research(8 hours)
  2. Synthesis(4 hours)
  3. Ideation(4 hours)
  4. Interaction design (16 hours)
  5. Iteration and Implementation (8 hours)



Research goals

Goal #1 To understand what users liked and disliked about online shopping.

Goal #2 To understand if users were familiar with AR apps like IKEA place, Amazon’s AR view and Pokemon Go and their experience with such applications.

Goal #3 To understand pros and cons of clothing and AR applications


Target groups for Interviews

The main target groups were women with age groups 20-40, both employed and unemployed. It included people who were frequent online shoppers and also those who only shopped from physical stores.


Competitor Websites

Amazon, IKEA and Pokemon Go


Research Synthesis


Different people with different goals and needs;

“Don’t like standing in long queues for billing and trial rooms”      

“The outfit was different from the one I saw online”                   

“7 more days for delivery? I need to travel in 3 days”    

“What should I wear for the next meeting”   “Will it fit me”           

“Will I look good in this”  “I don’t know if this will go well with my jeans”


Research Insights for Online Shopping

Strong Points

  • Saves time
  • Cheaper
  • Many options
Pain Points

  • Fitting, Colour, Quality, Design Suitability,
  • Shipping and Return,
  • Cluttered apps,
  • Complex account sign up and billing processes.

Research Insights for  Augmented Reality

Strong Points

  • Easy to decide
  • Easy to plan and buy furnitures, electronics based on space availability.
Pain Points

  • Difficulty in changing products
  • less products available to view in AR
  • Navigation hard to understand

Research Ideation

User research helped in framing the key features to be designed to make a user friendly AR based clothing app.

The key features would include an easy sign up to a quick check out process.


Interaction design

The Branding and Identity is minimal and cool colours have been used make it look modern and simple.

Splash screen,  On boarding and Sign Up/Sign In screens Third party Sign Up/ Sign In speeds up account creation and also reduces the need to remember passwords


Search and filters Saved search and popular search for quick search navigation. 

Filter search, select outfit and Preview in a live Environment

Select the Outfit and Add to cart or preview to see the fitting, colour and suitability. Selecting the preview leads to a how it works screen for first time users. The mobile is leaned along the wall and a 360 degree rotation of the person is recorded. This generates a 3d visual model that helps the user to preview themselves in the selected outfit in a live environment.

360 preview Helps in checking the fitting and suitability of the outfit. Users can proceed to cart or change outfit if needed.

Change colours and backgrounds  Additional features include changing outfit colours and backgrounds.

Implementation and Iteration

The final prototype was done using Origami to get an idea of the AR feature. The only feedback during usability testing was for the prototype to be more realistic and this was not possible due to software constraints.  Otherwise users were excited as they felt it would help in quick decision making in online apparel shopping.

Play the video to get an AR shopping experience.



The next steps would be to improvise the UI and create a real version of the application if possible. Else, it would also be exciting to have some of these features on amazon or any such applications.