Problem Statement

Netflix mission is to become a global entertainment distribution service by focussing on user centred services. All of us love to talk and share about the movies that we have watched and love to get recommendation to watch from friends. Social sharing is something that Netflix has tried to introduce But many users do not wish to share their watch list unlike Spotify. What other features could be introduced to make Netflix private yet socially friendly.

Design goals

To understand what social features users will be interested and design an interactive and a seamless experience.

Design Process

  1. Research(8 hours)
  2. Synthesis(4 hours)
  3. Ideation(4 hours)
  4. Interaction design (16 hours)
  5. Iteration and Implementation (8 hours)


Research goals

Goal #1 To understand what users like and dislike about Netflix

Goal #2 To understand if users would be willing to have a co watching experience with friends remotely on Netflix and why?

Goal #2 What kind of social sharing features does competitor websites provide?


Target groups for Surveys

The main target groups were Netflix users aged 25-35.


Competitor Websites

Spotify and Facebook to understand social sharing features


Research Insights for Adding a social feature on Netflix

Research showed that users were not very much interested in sharing watch list with others

Users were keen on having a co watching experience remotely for Netflix. They wanted to have an experience where they would feel closer even when watching movies miles apart.

Check out the survey analysis here;


Synthesis and Ideation

The main idea was to have a co watching experience where users can feel connected with loved ones even when they are miles apart. The need to have an interactive experience where they are able to share their joy, laughter and other emotions while watching a show on Netflix.

Interaction design


Selecting movies and friends to party  User flow 1- User selects videos and then adds friends to watch together


  User flow 2- User goes to the ‘Party’ button on the homepage directly to add friends and watch movies.


Interactive Co-watching experience Adding comments, emojis and Gif’s while watching movies without hindering the main watching space.


Sending personal messages to friends in group


Changing videos  Videos could be changed by any user in the group. The chat box gives the details as to who has changed the video. Once the video is selected, it needs to be approved by all to play the video.

Implementation and Iteration

The final prototype was tested using Invision. Users felt it was very easy to add friends and interact with them seamlessly without affecting the main watch space.

Check out the final Invision Prototype here  or Play the video to get a co-watching experience on Netflix



As many watch netflix using TV, an interactive co-watching might have many constraints. Next steps would include researching and exploring methods to improve co-watching experience in televisions.